sudanese voting.jpgBy Mhlomuli Ncube


The Sudanese Referendum which will be held this Sunday is a historic event that has attracted interest globally.


After the feuding North and South regions of Africa’s largest country came together to find a lasting peaceful resolution, analysts have confirmed that the move is a new precedent that has socio-geo political implications that will have much bearing on how the entire continent charts its historic course.


This Sunday will see Southern Sudan begin a week-long referendum which will determine whether there will be a break off from Sudan and form a new independent state.


The vote is being held under the 2005 Peace Agreement that ended nearly four-decades of civil war between the North and the South, a conflict which claimed some 2.5 million Sudanese.


The people of South Sudan are widely expected to approve secession.


Political analyst, Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa paid tribute to the resolution by both the Muslim North and Christian South in striking an agreement that seeks to create a peaceful co-existence.


Cde Mutsvangwa noted that Zimbabwe has always believed in the cause that was led by the late Dr John Garang for the Southern region’s self determination, adding that the event should serve as a successful example of a solution to African problems initiated by Africans themselves.


“It will clearly show the entire world that Africa is capable of solving its own problems without interference from the so called international community,” said Cde Mutsvangwa.


sudan map.jpgIt has been a long journey from Sudan’s civil war to Sunday’s referendum which has been described as a turning point in the country’s politics.

The upcoming plebiscite splitting Africa’s largest nation into two shakes the perceived permanence of the national boundaries that Africa inherited from its colonial past.


The people of Sudan have also been applauded for chating a reconciliation path that analyst Mr. Alexander Rusero says should set an example that unity is achievable in any level of conflict.

While the expected new geographic and social arrangements will certainly have lots of bearing on Sudan, the scenario will not only be confined to that nation but to the entire African region.


The new kid on the block will be expected to take its place in the political and economic dynamics of global affairs.


A leading international relations expert who is the president of the Shanghai Institute of International Studies Mr. Yang Jiemen says the wishes of the Sudanese people must be respected and there should be no external interference.


“We can only hope that there will be no external interference and that the wishes of the people of Sudan will be respected,” Mr. Jiemen said.


Almost four million Southern Sudanese, who live in the south, north as well as abroad, are registered to participate in the referendum.


Africa is watching the new development with eager anticipation and hope for a new dawn.