arthur mutambara.jpgDeputy Prime Minister Professor Arthur Mutambara says the international community should persuade its  companies to invest in the country’s economy for Zimbabwe  to realize economic growth.


Zimbabwe’s economy is still reeling under financial constraints as investors are coming in at a slow pace with the country only receiving social support from the international community.


Deputy Prime Minister Professor Arthur Mutambara told the international community during the signing of the US $ 10 500 000 grant to the education sector that the country’s economy needs injection of capital through investment packages.


Professor Mutambara said international companies should partner local firms in the development of the country’s economy which is anticipated to grow by over 7 percent this year.

The country’s economy is on a recovery path recording 3.5 percent growth rate last year while maintaining minimal  inflation figures. The country’s economic growth is heavily hinged on the production output in the mining sector.