The positive sentiment by global economic power houses indicating critical aid towards rebuilding the country’s economy presents a perfect opportunity for wealth creation with experts advising on immediate areas to channel the investment resources.

Endowed with vast mineral resources and a highly skilled human capital base, Zimbabwe already has leverage for a quick turnaround of its economic fortunes.

The coming in of international aid will be a further boost to quicken the pace towards recovery.

Given that indications are pointing to aid coming from Britain and China it is critical that the nation identifies immediate areas of investment as it readies for this investment.

Burdened by a debt legacy to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, industry leaders also believe it’s now a great opportunity for the country to renegotiate payment plans.

That one of the two largest economies in the world wants to work with Zimbabwe to create new partnerships is something that is welcome and worth celebrating.

The task now lies in channeling resources towards entrepreneurship and skills development.

Given events over the last few days since the beginning of this week where the government has made a bold statement to plug illicit capital outflows analysts concur that recovery will be achieved in the short term.