Zimbabwe has made significant strides in promoting women into key leadership positions as evidenced by the constitution which explicitly provides for gender equality among other policies.

Analysts believe the promotion of women requires positive mentorship and firmness to complement the constitution and existing government policies.

Integrity, firmness and education are key in the development of women and their promotion into key leadership positions.

Zimbabwe has been in the driving seat in the women empowerment agenda with the affirmative action policy in both public and private sector giving testimony to this.

Regional psycho support service country director Mrs Sibusisiwe Marunda says while all this effort is appreciated, the ideology of women emancipation must begin by educating the boy child to value women through exercising positive masculinity which will address societal norms that appear to discriminate against women.

A social scientist Mr Musekiwa Makwanya says women of integrity and substance must support each other to address traditional societal inequalities that continue to favour men.

Harare lawyer Ms Charity Tawanda adds women must be fully capacitated so that they can set out clear and achievable goals in order for them match their male counterparts.

She said funds for mentorship programmes must also be set aside for the purpose of advancing the interests of women.

The SADC protocol on gender equality calls for a 50-50 representation in all key decision making positions and unity remains critical in ensuring the success of such provisions and policies.