An Ordinary level Emerald Hill student, Walter Mudeiri has come up with an installation art form that serves as a reminder to other students that a dirty environment is not healthy.

Installation art is an artistic genre of three-dimensional works that often are site-specific and designed to transform the perception of a space.

This is evident in the installation art work piece by a young Mudeiri who recently exhibited at the just-ended schools arts festival in Harare.

Generally, the term installation art is applied to interior spaces, whereas exterior interventions are often called public art, land art or intervention art.

However, the boundaries between these terms overlap as witnessed in the piece of art displayed.

For a very creative and artistic young boy, Mudeiri makes use of garbage and other discarded materials to come up with this rare art form.

Some of the materials used in the dumb site art include pieces of bread, paper, plastic and flour which he used as glue

Since its acceptance as a separate discipline, a number of institutions focusing on installation art were created.

These included works at the national and private galleries and at various school exhibitions.

“Essentially, installation or environmental art takes into account a broader sensory experience, rather than floating framed points of focus on a ‘neutral’ wall or displaying isolated objects on a pedestal,” noted Mudeiri.

With the improvement of technology over the years, artists are more able to explore outside of the boundaries that were never able to be explored by artists in the past.