Low turnout characterised the public hearings on the Electoral Amendment Bill and the Insolvency Bill by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs at Mbuya Nehanda Hall in Marondera.

The few, who turned up, however, feel there is need for the independence of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), Diaspora vote, and safety of people during the registration and election period and the role of the media while there appeared very little understanding of the Insolvency Bill.

Others, however, confused the public hearings with ZEC meetings as they started airing their grievances and challenges of the BVR programme.

Moses Chibaya of the election resource centre said there is need to come up with a clear roadmap for electoral reforms.

The meeting was chaired by acting chairperson of the committee CDE Lawrence Katsiru of Zanu PF, who is also Marondera Central legislator.

Meanwhile, in Masvingo communities say bills should be presented to them in time before parliamentary portfolio committees move around to consult the public on their views.

With regards to the Electoral Bill, some called for policies that ensure that individuals in hospitals are given an opportunity to register to vote and cast their ballots.  

While those who attended the public hearing had general information on the Electoral Reform Bill, most said they knew nothing about the Insolvency Bill.

Cde Katsiru acknowledged that the public were not aware of the Insolvency Bill, hence that affected the public hearing.

Before a bill is implemented, the views of the people have to be gathered, after which the committee prepares a report to be presented before parliament.