seed.jpgThe Zimbabwe Farmers Union says there is need to devise mechanisms to allow farmers to access loans to purchase inputs, whose cost remains too high.


As the rainy season is now upon us, the Zimbabwe Farmers Union says the major challenge facing farmers is the high costs of inputs.


The Executive Director of the ZFU Mr. Paul Zakariya said even if the country receives normal rains they will be no meaningful increase in production as most of the farmers are not able to afford to purchase the inputs.


ZFU have clinched a deal with seed houses and fertilizer companies to supply farmers across the country with inputs on a credit facility.


“Under this scheme farmers will pay 25% deposit and the remainder is payable over a period of four months, we also have an $80 million contract farming scheme for cereal farmers,” said Zakariya.  


The Meteorological Services Department has already predicted that the country will receive normal to above normal rainfall, but the high costs of inputs still remains a major challenge for farmers.


Most banks are unwilling to offer loans to farmers citing lack of collateral.