maize seed.jpgThe Presidential Well Wishers Inputs Scheme continues to roll out the distribution of cotton and food crop production resources to farmers with Zvimba North being the latest beneficiary.

The scheme is now being rolled out in Zvimba North where both Cottco and the Grain Marketing Board are distributing the inputs concurrently.

The gesture, which is coming well ahead of the summer cropping season has been touted as a best approach if compared to previous seasons where farmers would sometimes get inputs in December.

Andrew Tizora, the District Adminstrator for Zvimba implored the recipients to properly store the inputs so that they do not lose their quality before the onset of the rainy season.

GMB Deputy General Manager Lawrence Jasi and Cottco Business Manager Innocent Gukwe warned against side marketing of produce harvested under the command initiative.

Mr Gukwe also unveiled some of the benefits of adopting the cotton free input programme which include free tillage, and the payment of a $40 cash component per every bale of the product delivered.

Meanwhile, the National Assembly member for Zvimba North Marian Chombo has appealed to both Cottco and the GMB to ensure inputs are delivered at points where they are more easily accessible to farmers.

Under the Presidential Cotton Inputs Scheme, each farmer gets 100kgs of basal fertiliser, 50kgs of top dressing fertiliser, a 10kg seed pack, chemicals and a knap spray.

Under the Food Crop Production Scheme, a farmer gets 50kgs of basal fertiliser, and a similar quantity of top dressing fertilisers as well as a 10kg pack of seed.