prisoners.jpgIt was a beautiful Christmas moment for inmates at Harare Central and Chikurubi Maximum Prisons as they enjoyed the rare visitations from family members.

The magic of Christmas also went behind the high prison walls at Harare Central and Chikurubi Maximum Prisons.

The inmates, who were treated to a rare visitation where they spent quality time with their relatives who brought them plenty of goodies, could not hide their joy and excitement.

The joy was not only evident on the inmates’ faces but also on those of their relatives who came to be with their loved ones.

Harare Central Prison Officer-in-Charge, Chief Superintendent Christmas Tarwira encouraged families to keep the Christmas flame burning by visiting their loved ones on the day, just to show appreciation and support.

While the perception is that behind the high prison walls, life is far from being rosy, Zimbabwe Prison Services has made it a tradition to give a Christmas moment to the inmates who are allowed a full day of visitation by their loved ones and treated to a rare moment of eating and drinking.