The construction of the remaining part of Ingwigwizi Bridge has begun along the Bulawayo-Nkayi road, following the release of US$2million by the treasury to facilitate the completion of the project.

The implementation of the US$3.5 million project also follows an assessment visit by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in March.

A few years ago, Ingwigwizi Bridge earned the name “Three G” since three provincial governors had been appointed and completed their terms leaving the project at standstill.

Even after the appointment of new resident ministers, there was no good news about the project until the coming in of  President Mnangagwa who promised the people of Matabeleland North that the project will soon be given due attention.

Matabeleland North Provincial Roads Engineer, Mr Joseph Makokove said the project kicked off on the 16th of last month and is currently 15 percent done, with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development targeting to have the bridge completed by the end of July.

“On the Nkayi approach we will do 400 metres to link with the existing alignment then on the Bulawayo approach, we will do a kilometre and we are going to surface the whole section so in total it will be about 1.5 kilometres, then we open so that traffic can use the high level bridge,” he said.

The project is being done by engineers and technicians from the Department of Roads which hired equipment from as far as Harare.

 Through the project, 50 locals have been employed as casual workers.

Meanwhile, the province now awaits the outcome of the tender process for the remaining section of the Bulawayo -Nkayi highway which has been in a sorry state for years.