flea mkt.jpgThe City of Harare will next week issue out enforcement orders to vacate within 48 hours to all informal traders at illegal flea markets around the capital.


Town Clerk Dr Tendai Mahachi said failure to comply will result in a joint operation between the Municipal Police and the Zimbabwe Republic Police to remove the traders.


The mushrooming of seasonal flea markets at undesignated sites has led the city fathers to take a tough stance against informal traders who are operating illegally near the Tobacco Auction floors.



Town Clerk Dr Tendai Mahachi said despite claims by the informal traders that the sites were allocated by the City of Harare, proper procedures were not followed and the informal traders will be removed.


Dr Mahachi said: “Proper procedures were not followed and for your own information that area is not designated for a flea market. We can’t be promoting such practices in the capital city which has by-laws that should be followed. It’s very unfortunate but those people have to go.”


The Willowvale flea market near Highfield community school started operating three weeks ago and there are no sanitation facilities at the place.


Dr Mahachi said the site is not designated and permission to operate on it does not even depend on whether the operations are seasonal or not.


“Those people might claim that the city fathers sanctioned that but it’s not correct, we have done our investigations and that is not true at all,” said Dr Mahachi.


Although flea markets have assisted many families to earn an honest living, there is need for proper planning to avert any possible outbreak of diseases such as cholera due to lack of proper sanitation facilities.