Minister Mike Bimha tours Hanawa Foods which manufacturers potato crisps

The government says Statutory Instrument (SI) 64 of 2016 is here to stay and more policy measures will be announced soon to complement the existing instrument, which seeks to promote the re-industrialisation agenda.

This comes as SI64 of 2016 continues to yield positive results within the local economy with the latest being the establishment of a US$2,2 million Hanawa Super Foods factory in Adbernie industrial area in Harare.

The Minister of Industry and Commerce, Dr Mike Bimha and officials from his ministry toured the plant to assess the success stories of SI 64 of 2016 and indicated that the policy measure will remain in place and some complementary policies will be announced in due course.

Hanawa Super Foods Managing Director, Mr Simbarashe Zhou said the company is currently operating at 40 percent capacity utilisation, owing to inadequate supply of raw materials.

The company has decided to contract farmers to ensure continuous supply of raw materials.

SI64 of 2016 has opened floodgates for companies to set up manufacturing plants locally and with the government reassuring industrialists that the instrument will remain in place, more companies will establish themselves locally.