Captains of industry and civic society leaders have pledged to assist government to achieve its vision by breaking away from the past, change their conduct and uphold values that will accelerate the socio-economic development of the country.

‘Let us not act out of fear and misunderstanding but out of values of inclusion, diversity and regard for all that make our country great.’

This message dominated proceedings at a voluntary gathering of business executives, captains of industry, political and civic society leaders known as Network 58.

It was noted that for Zimbabwe to move forward, there is an urgent need to break away from the past by upholding and inculcating basic values which will be the bedrock of the country’s socio-economic transformation.

Former Harare mayor, Mr Muchadeyi Masunda and Executive Officer, Mr Darlington Masenda who convened the gathering both implored Zimbabweans to self-introspect and see how their actions and conduct are either harming or building society.

However, former banker Mr James Mushore said it is incumbent upon the political leadership to set the ideal conditions so that people are not forced to drift away from their fundamental values.

The event was attended by Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) members, Econet CEO Mr Douglas Mboweni, FNC Group CEO Mr John Mushayavanhu and Harare Mayor Councilor Herbert Gomba.