president robert mugabe 29-03-12.pngHead of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces President Robert Mugabe says the Industrial Development Policy which was launched Thursday, together with the National Trade Policy should be used as instruments for the commercialisation of scientific research and development. 

Cde Mugabe was speaking during the launch of the two policy documents in Harare.


The economic meltdown which reached unprecedented depths in 2008 had led to the erosion of major gains attained in both economic and social sectors.

The launch of the new policy documents is expected to accelerate the revival of the manufacturing sector and make Zimbabwe competitive in global trade.

In his address at the launch, Cde Mugabe said the Industrial Development Policy should proffer solutions to effectively address the changes in weather patterns which have resulted in incessant droughts and floods in the region and beyond.

The President said: “The policy should contribute towards development of drought tolerant and pest-resistant crop varieties, the enhancement of water utilisation, especially for agricultural purposes, through development of irrigation infrastructure and the power sector.”

Industry and Commerce Minister Professor Welshman Ncube stressed the need to improve the quality of infrastructure services which he said is the cornerstone of the industrial policy.

“There is need for refurbishment, modernisation and upgrading of plants, machinery and equipment as well as development and retention of adequate and necessary skills to replace those lost through brain drain,” Ncube pointed out.

Several representatives of parties in the Tripartite Negotiating Forum, leaders of the inclusive government and members of the diplomatic corps, attended the launch of the new policies.