comesa heads of state in swaziland.jpgGovernment is crafting new industrial and trade policy in a bid to align with the changing operating environment brought about by the Comesa Customs Union and the SADC Free Trade Area.



Addressing regional trade stakeholders in the capital, Minister of Industry and Commerce, Professor Welshman Ncube, said the crafting of the policy is critical in broadening the country’s trade opportunities.


“Government is crafting a trade and industrial policy which takes into account our current situation which ensures that we continue to uphold regional integration agenda for the benefit of the local industry,” he said.


A trade policy stimulates economic growth.


Regional integration is critical in promoting intra-regional trade through trade liberalisation, customs cooperation, trade facilitation, creation of enabling environment which encourages sector growth and development.


The two-day regional conference focuses on the role of regional integration on poverty reduction in eastern and Southern Africa.