oswell binha.jpgThe Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) says the industrial and trade policy documents launched this Thursday will play a critical role towards the transformation of the country’s economy.

The four year-policy documents were crafted to address viability challenges faced by the local industry especially due to aged equipment.

In an interview after the launch of the policy documents, ZNCC President, Mr Oswell Binha said the policy documents are critical in the development of the economy.

He implored government to ensure strategies are in place for the full implementation of the blue-prints.

An industrialist, Mr Obert Sibanda said the industrial policy has come at a critical time when government and other stakeholders are working towards the revitalisation of distressed firms hence the need for buy-in from all players for the success of the two documents.

The Industrial Development Policy seeks to transform the country from an exporter of raw materials to a producer of processed value-added goods for both the domestic and the international markets.

The National Trade Policy is set to increase exports by 10% annually from US$4,3 billion in 2011 to US$7 billion in 2016.