professor jonathan moyo 16-04-11.jpgZanu PF Politburo member, Professor Jonathan Moyo says the indigenisation and economic empowerment programme fulfils the values of his party, which since independence adopted people oriented programmes to improve the well being of Zimbabweans.

Addressing a party provincial coordinating committee meeting on the indigenisation programme in Harare, Professor Moyo said this initiative is one aspect which distinguishes the revolutionary party from other ‘fly by night’ political formations.

“The indigenisation programme seeks to ensure that the majority have total control of their resources. The policy has a sound legal basis as the indigenous people were robbed of their means of production by a minority few,” Professor Moyo said.

Zanu PF has embarked on an intensive outreach programme to gather data on the general understanding of the people regaining the indigenisation policy, which will then be used by the responsible minister in crafting implementation strategies.

The programme, which is expected to ensure that locals have at least 51% stake in all companies worth over US$500 000, has been widely accepted by many who view it as a critical tool for the economic empowerment of formerly disadvantaged Zimbabweans.