An Indian industrialist and a doctor have identified Zimbabwe under its new order as a critical partner in the areas of developing the SMEs as well as the health services sector.

The team is in the country for an assessment visit and is planning to invest once they familiarise with requirements for investing locally.

With Zimbabwe now putting attention to economic affairs ahead of all else, some Indian investors are seeing prospects for a brighter future and have openly declared their interests in taking part in the investment drive.

Engineer Ravindra Allen, who is in the country on a business holiday, says he is interested in the SMEs sector and is keen on investing in the skills and technology transfer to the local economy.

Doctor Shaaikendra Allen is also keen on investing in the low cost dialysis machines which he claims his business partners have set up in Tanzania and the DRC, among other African countries.

He hopes together with Zimbabwean businessman and miner Mr Patrick Cheza their parties will facilitate access to affordable healthcare to patients with kidney problems from poor areas.

The Zimbabwean government has opened up its doors to all nations and business people keen on investing locally with a view to create employment for the millions of jobless people as well as improving the lives of nationals whose lives have been affected by the economic meltdown. 

There is hope that after the endorsement of the polls by continental and regional bodies, investors who were fence-sitters will now take decisive action and bring in the much needed FDI.