The place of worship continues to transform with new identifications, emblems and advertising models coming into play and the number of churches has also drastically increased leaving a lot to be desired.

Yesteryear people know the place of worship that was well planned and located.

It was very rare to find a church that was within a radius of 2 to 3 kilometres from each other and one would easily identify the church through their emblems, buildings and uniforms.

Fast-forward to the 21st century, churches and shrines are now close that pastors and deacons can almost share the Bible.

What is it about churches, is it about the growing appetite for the gospel of Christ or it’s about leaders enjoying positions of power within their denominations.

New emblems and symbols in form of flags, wristbands and banners among others have become the new form of identification with others sharing the facilities for services.

The media has also become very instrumental in advertising churches to lure more followers with some saying it remains critical in founding the “lost sheep”.

The idea of having many churches and its transformation has left many asking whether it’s the fulfilment of the book of Revelations about the need to be spiritually and morally ready for the end times or the church now exist for personal gains.