The 2019 and 2020 hunting season is looking promising with an increased interest from international and local clients.

The outside world has shown great interest in Zimbabwe’s hunting seasons as there are multitudes of bookings, with deposits being paid from the Americas, Scandinavian and European countries.

The increased involvement of locals Zimbabweans has been attributed to the favourable policies implemented by the new dispensation.

According to the Gwayi Farmers Association Chairman Mr Mark Russel, despite numerous challenges in the operations of the sector such as opposition from the greenies and difficult market entry modes, the sector has managed to record positive results.

 “Challenges mainly centre on market entry modes. There are various modes of entering the market but as indigenous people we have difficulty in accessing or entering some of those markets, financewise.

“Secondly, you know being a landlocked country has a lot of its disadvantages too. We are then forced to link up with foreign agents from overseas which is probably the only major way of entering the market.

“But fortunately the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority has been supportive in taking on board safari operators or companies to international marketing shows,” Russel said.

Non-consumptive and consumptive bookings are said to be evenly balanced as compared to 2017 where photography was higher.

Tourism contributes about 10.5 percent per annum on the country’s GDP with a substantial amount of that percentage coming from hunting.