History teachers have been urged to increase literature on the subject to meet the requirements of the new curriculum particularly for learners in marginalised areas.

The History Teachers Association of Zimbabwe met in Nyanga where emphasis was placed on the subject and how limitations can be overcome.

Chairperson of the association, Mr Manners Msongelwa said the association is keen to have greater synergies with other stakeholders and encouraged members to contribute with literature that depicts the correct story of Zimbabwe and Africa.

“We want to ensure that we have greater collaboration by history teachers countrywide. Apart from that, we also want to ensure that teachers also take part in ensuring that we have enough books particularly for those in the rural areas,” he said.

The government wants teachers to be aware of the demands of the new curriculum and ensure that the approach used yields best results.

“We now have learning area associations and we need effective teaching as well as learning using the prescribed methodologies. This will make the implementation of the new curriculum and empowering the learner a success,” Mr Msongelwa added.

History is an important subject that allows people to understand their past which in turn shapes the present.