Improved water pressure following the rehabilitation of water works is tearing the old water pipes that can no longer sustain the pressure resulting in numerous pipe bursts.

The city rehabilitated Gwenhoro Water Works and its two reservoirs in Kopje which have a total capacity of 65 megalitres.

The rehabilitation increased water supplies from 30 megalitres a day to 45 megalitres a day.

Although water supplies have improved in some areas, the increased water pressure has created a headache for the city due to constant pipe burst resulting in erratic water supplies in some suburbs.

Gweru Town Clerk Ms Elizabeth Gwatipedza said the volume of water being pumped has significantly improved and the old water reticulation system cannot handle the increased pressure resulting in frequent pipe bursts and leaks.

The re-commissioning of the two Kopje reservoirs and rehabilitation of water works to the tune of US$4 million was meant to see improved water supplies for the City of Gweru, but the old water reticulation system is threatening to reverse that as some areas continue to experience water shortages as a result of leaks and pipe bursts.