beit bridge.jpgCustoms authorities in the country have been urged to expedite the deployment of additional manpower at the country’s busiest border posts to ensure a smooth flow of both human and commercial traffic during the current festive season.

Increased volume of both human and commercial traffic during the festive season, has in the past resulted in a lot of congestion at the country’s border posts causing delays that are costly for business.

 It is against this background that the Shipping and Forwarding Agents Association of Zimbabwe has challenged customs authorities to move with speed in deploying additional manpower to cope with the increased business at the ports of entry.

Shipping and Forwarding Agents Association of Zimbabwe, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Joseph Musarara, believes in the long run the country needs to learn from regional counterparts on ways to avoid congestion at the border posts.

Meanwhile, a delegation comprising officials from the Ministry of Regional Integration and International Co-operation as well as stakeholders in trade is expected to visit Beitbridge border post tomorrow  to assess the situation at the country busiest border post.

Beitbridge is among the busiest border posts in the SADC region with volumes rising to more than 12 000 travellers and 3500 vehicles a day during the festive holidays.

The adoption of the One Stop Border Post concept within the COMESA region has been cited as the solution to delays experienced at border posts in the region.