immunisation.jpgThe Ministry of Health and Child Welfare has expressed optimism that the target of immunising five million children during the national immunisation week, with 85% of the target having so far been confirmed.


When the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare with support from its health cluster partners who include the World Health Organisation, UNICEF and Hellen Keller international, set the period from May 24th to the 2nd of June as National Immunisation Days, it seemed a daunting task to set a target of vaccinating five million children.


However, by the first four days of the program according to the program director Dr Portia Manangazira 3,9 million children had been vaccinated across the country.


Minister of Health and Child Welfare Dr Henry Madzorera, UNICEF country representative Dr Custodia Mandhlate and Dr Aboubacar Kampo from UNICEF visited Epworth clinic during the immunisation days.

Even the usually resistant church groupings like the Apostolic sects responded positively to the call to have their children vaccinated.


Despite most parents being hesitant to have their children vaccinated during the first days due to rumours which had circulated with false alarms that the drugs had expired, the campaign received overwhelming support.


The combined measles National Immunisation and Child Health days were carried out in all the 62 districts in the country and involved the administration of the measles vaccine to all children below the age of 15 years as well as vitamin A supplementation to those aged five years and below.