imf-logo.jpgThe arrival of the International Monetary Fund team  in the country at the beginning of this week has raised mixed emotions with economic  analysts calling for the country to graduate its relations to a level where the institution gives financial support to home grown economic programmes.

While the IMF dispatched a team of advisers to help Government craft the mid-term budget statement meant to ensure the economy grows 9,3% this year, economic analysts say it is unfortunate that after countless engagements, not much has been derived from the institution’s input.

Economic analyst, Mr. Chris Kasiyazi says the production of nothing else but blue prints is  a worrisome situation and it is high time that Zimbabwe toughened its stance and called for direct funding of the country’s home grown solutions considering the abundance of natural resources.

Another analyst,  Mr. Alexander Rusero says there is need for the IMF to appreciate Zimbabwe’s economic endeavors and aspirations from a local perspective and look beyond just technical engagement to direct funding that will assist local industry and economic recovery.

Observers have called for a departure from reliance on external borrowings which have previously resulted in accumulation of huge obligations that the country has struggled to offset.

They say Zimbabwe also should note that some of  the economic prescriptions given to it are laced with political influence from the West hence the country should revisit its relations with the  Brettonwoods institutions.