Positive sentiment by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) stating that they are ready to support the new government to design policies to restore stability and growth is the latest demonstration of confidence by the international community in Zimbabwe’s new dispensation.

The show of confidence and willingness by global economic powerhouses to partner Zimbabwe to rebuild its economic trajectory has given hope to both public and private sectors. 

The IMF has been closely monitoring events unfolding in the country over the last few weeks and their current position to assist the new administration signals a silver lining for the nation as it embarks on a recovery journey that needs support from the international community.

On the domestic front, the new government has indicated commitment to reform with latest indications showing the government will soon be revisiting the indigenisation policy.

These recalibration efforts however require support and the IMF said it will be sending a team early this month.

The statement by the global financial lender gives hope to a nation that is positioning itself for a massive turnaround of its economic fortunes.