methyl bromide.jpgThe Pesticides Registration Unit in the Agriculture Technical and Extension Service Department (Agritex) says it is on a drive to curb the illegal trade of pesticides to protect users.

Increased efforts to stop the manufacturing and selling of illegally packaged poisonous substances follow a rise in the production of agro-chemicals such as paraquat and roundup, which are used to destroy weeds.

Pesticides Registrar, Mr Kwadzanai Mushore said the pesticide registration unit is going around the country confisticating illegally packaged chemicals with over 100 litres of pesticides and herbicides having been confisticated so far.

“We advise the public not to buy these substances for their own safety, only recently, a Budiriro family died after mistaking paraquat for cooking oil,” Mr Mushore warned.

Under the Fertilisers, Farm Feeds and Remedies Act of 1996, it is illegal for manufacturers to sell poisonous substances without registering with the Pesticides Registrar and displaying danger warning signs as well as providing information about the components that make up the harmful substances contained in the package.

Vendors have however made it difficult to rid the country of illegal pesticides as they constantly play hide and seek with the authorities when trading pesticides, which are either unapproved or not packaged as required by law.