Scores of illegal occupants have invaded land reserved for the Harare Drive expansion in the Msasa area near Zimphos.

When the ZBC News crew visited the reserve, several wooden cabins and brick and mortar houses were under construction, oblivious of the fact the land has been set aside for Harare Drive expansion.

Town planning and local government expert, Mr Johnson Ali Mikuku said it is disheartening that home owners are being duped of their monies, adding that several reports were made to get council intervention but without success.

Harare City Council Spokesperson, Mr Micheal Chideme urged residents to desist from building on the road reserve as this will result in them losing their investment in the event of road construction starting.

In the past few years, particularly 2016, Harare has witnessed chaotic scenes of illegal housing construction and home seekers losing millions of dollars to land barons.