Illegal land distribution has spiraled out of control due to an influx of unauthorised people parceling out state land.

In the latest turn of events the selling of grazing pastures, misuse of arable land and its poor management threatens to reverse the gains of the land reform programme.

Norton legislator, Mr Themba Mliswa said despite the fact that the lands committee chaired by a district administrator is charged with the responsibility to allocate land at district level, some unscrupulous citizens are illegally allocating land.

Concerns of land barons have also not helped the situation as double allocation of land has led to fueling corruption.

Underutilised land has thus poised a huge set back to Zimbabwe’s agrarian agenda.

The Deputy Minister of Lands, Cde Beritha Chikwama has weighed in saying it is disturbing to note that grazing areas are being illegally allocated to unsuspecting citizens thereby distorting the land reform programme.

Government came up with the 99 year lease to enable farmers to access loans but banks have not considered them as collateral to borrow.