Zimbabweans have condemned political machinations by the opposition and some non-governmental organisations behind today’s disturbances which subjected many people, including school children, women and the elderly to hours of needless anxiety amid scenes of violence and harassment mostly in Harare.

Zimbabwe’s history is littered with evidence of how politicians and civil society posture and position their agendas by abusing the masses.

Recent events where on November 15, 2018, leader of the MDC Alliance, Nelson Chamisa labelled his party sympathisers who engaged in the August 1 violence as ‘stupid,’ testify to how the masses have been turned into pawns in the game of politics.

With that violence still fresh on their minds and despite unprecedented efforts by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to seek healing and closure by instituting the commission of inquiry into the August 1 violence, Zimbabweans were once again given a sad reminder of how selfish politicians and national saboteurs can be in their quest for power and relevance today.

Most did not take heed of the calls by opposition politicians and civil society for a stay away and went about their business as usual, only to be exposed to scenes of violence and harassment even as they minded their own business.

The MDC Alliance National Youth Assembly Secretary General Lovemore Chinoputsa on Sunday published a statement in which he urged his party supporters to engage in what he called a national shutdown that had been called for by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU).

During its failed election campaign, the MDC Alliance persistently made statements to the effect that it will try to make the country ungovernable if the plebiscite did not go their way. Chamisa went on to lose the elections to President Mnangagwa.