The worst nightmare for any parent is a rebellious child who fails to abide by any rules and charts a destructive way through life, causing chaos in the lives s/he touches.

It however gets worse to imagine one’s child serving a jail term.

Over the years, most crimes committed by inmates at Chikurubi female prison have been those of passion and in most instances, involving older women but in recent times, young women and girls are joining the inmates serving crimes committed out of love, innocence or maybe foolishness.

22-year-old Nellia was a girl in love and believing everything she was told by her boyfriend.

But now she is paying the price of loving the wrong man, a fate that will cost her 8 years of her life.

“I did not know that my boy friend was a robber until one day when he picked one passenger while we were going for a picnic. Unfortunately, we were caught together and then jailed for eight years each,” Nellia said.

While her age mates are busy with their O Level examinations, 17 year old Marceline is instead serving a five month jail term and just like Nellia, she did it out of love.

“I lied that I had been raped by a police officer after I had been ill advised by my boyfriend,” she said.

The girls seem to have learnt their lessons and are appealing to their relatives and the society to give them a second chance.