The government has since January injected US$20 million fresh capital in the Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IDBZ) to enhance its capacity in undertaking several projects across the country.

Recapitalisation of the IDBZ is being considered an important element that can create growth opportunities.

With the government being the key shareholder in IDBZ, consideration on capital injection is a key element that has seen Treasury having injected an additional US$20 million since January.

IDBZ chief executive officer, Dr Thomas Zondo Sakala confirmed to the ZBC News, the institution is therefore forging ahead to fulfil its mandate in identifying socio economic projects that require funding.

Dr Sakala said; “Socio economic projects are always critical and we hope for the best as we seek to unlock more growth opportunities”.

The financing of key infrastructure developments within the economy is also an element that has seen the IDBZ engaging potential investors to raise more funds.