e-learning.jpgThe business community has been urged to take advantage of increased availability of information and communication technologies to enhance business operations.

Worldwide, Information, Communication Technologies are being used to increase efficiency through e-business which includes, e-commerce, e-banking and e-learning among others.


With a low ICT penetration rate, the country was lagging behind in the use of ICT’s which have come to be regarded as a key element in economic growth and development.


IT expert Mr. Chris Kasiyazi said lack of finance has been the major hindrance to access to information communication technologies by the business world.


He said: “At the moment business has adopted a wait and see attitude, but we hope as lines of credit continue to flow in most businesses will increase use of ICTs.”


Government however has made great strides in increasing the use of ICTs through scrapping duty on information and technology equipment such as computers, cellphones and printers.


The country’s teledensity grew by 8% last year from 16% to 24% while government pledged to increase investment in information and communication technology in the 2010 to 2014 ICT strategic plan.