comsa-logo.jpgLocal and regional ICT business experts are expected to converge in Harare next week for the 13th edition of the ICT Africa Exhibition, which will run from September 14 to the 16th at the Exhibition Park.



The annual event is aimed at creating a platform for ICT suppliers to market their latest products and taking stork of new developments on the market.


Computer Suppliers Association of Zimbabwe (COMSA) Chairperson, Mr. Ethelbert Mukonyora said the exhibition comes at a time when the sector is making strides to widen the use of the newest ICTs in areas such as mining, financial services and commerce which make work more efficient.


“Many companies are trying to take their position in the market, there are many opportunities for growth and exhibitors will show new products,” said Mr Mukonyora.


A conference will also run concurrently with the exhibition under the theme, “ICTs in Africa: Prospects for Development,” with the aim of sharing information on how ICTs can be exploited in areas such as education, health and agriculture in attaining the UN

millennium development goals.


COMSA Vice Chairperson, Mr. Artwell Mukusha said the ICT has made great strides in improving technology access in the country, but more work needs to be done to bridge the technological divide between rural and urban.


Government last year implemented measures to improve access to ICT including the removal of import duty on ICT equipment, reduction of telephone tariffs and adjustment of licensing regulations allowing mobile phone networks to operate the Third Generation network, 3G.