laptop2 17.09.10.jpgThe annual ICT Africa exhibition, which the country hosted from the 14th to the 16th of this month saw 62 local and foreign exhibitors showcasing ICT products.


However, for the common man on the street, Information Technology is still a dormain of the affluent as Zimbabweans are yet to enjoy the benefits of these technological advancements.


Since the turn of the new millennium, this generation has been described as the Information Age with the development of Information Technology taking centre stage.


From the military, industry, sport, entertainment and social networking, information has become the dominant force.


However, Zimbabweans are yet to enjoy the benefits of what former US Vice President AL Gore described as an “Information Superhighway” as the new millennium coincided with harsh economic sanctions imposed on the country by western nations.


It was against this background that the country hosted the annual ICT Africa Exhibition which saw 62 local and foreign exhibitors participate.


But is there any hope that Zimbabwe can move up from its low rating of 132 out of 133 in ICT on the networked readiness index?


Information Communication Technology Minister, Mr. Nelson Chamisa is optimistic that with the advent of optic fibre technology that links Zimbabwe with the undersea cable, the country is poised to experience significant improvement in connectivity and infrastructure development.


But an ICT expert Phillip Gambe says, the country is still facing challenges as it is yet to realize home grown ICT hardware and software applications.


Another analyst, Clever Tinarwo however said there are some local companies who assemble hardware and also individuals who have designed tailor made software.


However, all these initiatives are not fully developed for commercial capacity.

While ICT’s have become the defining parameters of information dissemination in the new digital age, it remains to be seen how Zimbabwe will improve its position to claiming a stake among the best.