dr mahoso 07.09.10.jpgPolitical analysts say the latest International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report which confirms that Iran’s nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes is clear testimony that western countries  invade and impose sanctions on weaker nations on trumped up charges. 



Commenting on the IAEA report, political analyst, Dr Tafataona Mahoso lambasted at the West which imposed illegal sanctions on Iran and Zimbabwe based on falsehoods.


 He said in Zimbabwe, the West could not stomach the country’s indigenisation and economic empowerment drive after the land reform programme. 


“From the point of view of the people of Zimbabwe and our experience in Southern Africa, the same powers which threaten Iran today are the same powers who at one time armed the apartheid regime of South Africa,” said Dr Mahoso.


Dr Mahoso said the illegal sanctions aimed at third world nations have been used to bully states that simply want to address developmental issues in their own backyards.


Another analyst, Mr Wellington Gadzikwa also castigated the United States for its 2003 invasion of Iraq on the pretext of non-existent weapons of mass destruction.


He cited the West’s conduct as a quest to maintain hegemony over sovereign states and urged third world nations to unite against such tendencies.