While the saxophone has been seen as an instrument known mainly for jazz, a local artist has broken the barriers by using it for urban pop.

The saxophone is known as a single reed musical instrument that is a staple in jazz bands and is considered to be newer than other musical instruments’ interims of its music history.

Osborne (I Am King) Matenganzara

Osborne Matenganzara also known as “I Am King” has broken the jazz myth by using the instrument to perform urban pop music.

Having started off playing trumpet at Prince Edward High School in Harare owing to his links with the Salvation Army, the lure of the smooth saxophone could not be avoided.

He started playing in 2006 although only turned professional in 2012 with his first major project being the now defunct Umoja Zimbabwe that saw the group touring Mozambique and South Africa.

I Am King describes his musical journey with the saxophone as being an exciting challenge.

The power of the sax saw him move from being a sessional musician to being a solo artist, a move he described as being laced with opportunities for growth.

While also a member of a 20 players exclusive brass section titled ‘The Sax Lounge’, I Am King, however, holds that there is more to be achieved by artists through the use of social media to promote their works.

Having released a single titled ‘Hold You Down / Let You Down’ in January, I Am King believes more is still to be achieved through his priced saxophone that has been used to thrill many revelers in various settings.

The saxophone was invented by Antoine Joseph (Adolphe), a Belgian instrument maker in 1846.