The Hwange local board has accused the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) of unjust enrichment by refusing to relinquish its reigns on the management of clean water supplies to the Hwange community.

The local authority appeared before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Environment and set out its case outlining how this has affected it from discharging its legal obligations.

Hwange local board is up in arms with ZINWA over the alleged refusal by the latter to hand over control of water services 8 years after government instructed the water governing body to hand over the reigns to all town water authorities.

The board charges that ZINWA’s role is the provision of bulk raw water and council has to treat and provide reticulated water to residents and charges that the water authority is refusing to relinquish control of clean water supply while they are forced to manage waste water and to provide water reticulation infrastructure to residents.

Legislators expressed concern over the intention of the authority in retaining control of the management of clean water supplies which they said provided easy money from the lavish lifestyles of council officials.

But the council officials maintain they are more accountable than ZINWA whose offices are located in Bulawayo and they have to do the servicing, while the enabling act gives them obligation to provide services to residents.

ZINWA took over the reticulation infrastructure from the local authority after government gave an order for all water management to be carried out by the water body.

The order was uplifted 8 years ago but Hwange local authority still has not been handed over the management of clean water.

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Environment will summon Local Government over the matter to bring it to its logical conclusion.