Hwange colliery will be resuming underground mine operations within the next three months to improve production levels for coking coal.

The underground mine operations were stopped in 2014 due to operational challenges forcing the company to operate at 25 percent of its capacity.

The coal mining company has been unable to resuscitate the underground operations due to lack of capital.

According to Hwange Colliery Managing Director Engineer Thomas Makore, the equipment should be resuscitated in three months at a cost of US$7 million, adding there are a few challenges which still need to be overcome for the company to meet its targets.

“We have other issues that are bottle necks for that effort, especially payment to foreign, as you know due to foreign currency limitations, payment to the foreign suppliers are slow. So we are taking actions and measures to work around that,” said Engineer Makore.

The resuscitated equipment is expected to produce at least 50 000  tonnes of coking coal per month from the underground operations.

Hwange Colliery has also renewed its contract with Mota Engil from which the latter is expected to produce 200 000 tonnes of coal per month from the open cast mine.

Meanwhile, the current strategies being implemented under the 100 days turn around programme, are set improve the company`s monthly production to 100 000 of coal per month by the end of June up from the current 40 000 tonnes.