hwange1.jpgHwange Colliery Company intends to maximise on the floods that are currently taking place in the Australian Coal mines by increasing export volumes to South Africa due to its proximity to the country.

South Africa and other Southern African countries import coal from Australia.

The Colliery Marketing Manager, Mr Charles Zhou said Hwange Colliery Company is currently negotiating with two major companies for a possible deal.

Reports say an area bigger than the size of France and Germany combined is currently under water as Australia is being confronted by floods.

The floods have negatively affected coal mining activities, leaving major customers seeking for alternatives.

Prices for coking coal on the international market have risen by 10% for the past one month and traders are anticipating a sharp rise over the next few weeks.

Hopes are high that Zimbabwe can take advantage of the flooding of the Australian Coal Mines by employing aggressive marketing strategies to boost its coal exports.