Preparations for the Hwange Agricultural Show are well under way with optimism that this

year’s event will attract more exhibitors compared to last year where 24 organisations participated.

The annual showcase will be held from 31stof August to the 3rd of September under the theme, “Enhancing New Technologies for Progressive Production”.

Some of the exhibitors who will be participating at the annual show case have already started preparing their stands while some have indicated that they will be putting up permanent structures at the exhibition centre.

When the ZBC News crew arrived at the exhibition centre, some grounds men were busy cleaning the premises in preparation for the show.

Hwange Agricultural Show Society chairperson, Mr Hebert Siansole said five government ministries have confirmed their participation and encouraged the private sector to also participate in the four day exhibition.

“Livestock we haven’t had them because of foot and mouth. Last year, we had hoped we were going to have them for the first time but unfortunately we had the same problem, so we didn’t have any livestock except the rural farmers who bring in chickens, guinea fowls and ducks that’s the only livestock that was there. On the agricultural side the full participation of irrigation is still limited to Lukosi irrigation scheme,” he said.

The Hwange Agricultural Show Society is working in conjunction with Agritex to ensure increased participation of both commercial and communal farmers.