Hwange Colliery Company has registered 110 percent increase in coal production last month from 70 000 metric tonnes to 169 000 metric tonnes.

The 169 000 tonnes of coal produced by Hwange Colliery in May is expected to increase further as measures being undertaken by management at the coal miner are yielding positive results.

In response to questions by ZBC News in a statement, the company said before May production was averaging between 70 000 to 100 000 tonnes per month, figures which have been below the projected target of over 200 000 tonnes monthly.

The increase in production is expected to boost downstream industries which have been relying more on coal, especially Hwange Thermal Power Station which will add two more units in the near future.

The coalminer is currently on a restructuring stage which will see a lean structure with seven executives than the previous set up where the organisation had 15 executives which was eating into the firm’s revenue.

According to Hwange Colliery Company, the new structure will reduce employment costs by 10 percent.

Hwange Colliery Company said it has been afforded the operating space to focus on its recovery initiatives with 88 percent of creditors by number and 95 percent by value voted in favour of the company’s proposed scheme of arrangement.