drought.jpgThe Nekatambe community has called on the government to construct more dams in Hwange as a means of increasing water sources to boost agricultural activities in the district.

Chief Nekatambe said water shortage remains a challenge in the district which does not receive much rain fall and is dry for the greater part of the year, forcing farmers to suspend agricultural activities as they have to travel long distances to fetch water.


Speaking during a visit to Kapata Irrigation Scheme at Nekatambe Village in Hwange by the Minister of Labour and Social Services, Ms Paurina Mpariwa, Chief Nekatambe also commended the government for sourcing a perimeter fence from the UNDP saying  this will keep crops protected from livestock.


Hwange Rural District Council Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Phindile Ncube, said irrigation scheme will not realise its full potential unless there is adequate water for agricultural activities in the district.


Minister Mpariwa commended the efforts being made by the community saying government will make an effort to ensure that rural communities have access to water.


She added that the participation of women in farming is a positive development which will improve the livelihood of the communities.


Hwange rural community is faced with a number of challenges that include shortage of water and the presence of wildlife in the nearby Hwange National Park continues to affect productivity each year, forcing them to continuously rely on the donor community or food programmes initiated by the government.