The state of Hwange District Hospital is deteriorating with some sections beginning to sink as its completion remain unfinished.

In 1993, government began the construction of the hospital which was to serve a population of nearly 150 000 people.

Construction, however, stopped in 2007 due to the hyper inflationary challenges in the economy.

Works to complete the construction, however, appear to have been abandoned and now the walls are cracking, roofs falling and doors have been destroyed by termites.

One section of the building believed to be the hospital theatre is beginning to sink.

According to Matabeleland North Provincial Medical Director, Dr Nyasha Masuka, engineers from the Department of Public Works and Hwange Colliery have done an assessment to establish whether the building can be repaired or destroyed and it was recommended that the structure be rehabilitated.

“We were hoping that if the issue of the theatre and the issue of electricity is sorted out then we could be able to open the other wards and remain with the theatre which is not functional because it’s cracking. The main issue that’s left now is the connection of that transformer to have electricity,” he said.

The hospital is currently using the opportunistic infections section as an outpatients department while the rest of the buildings cannot be used.

Meanwhile, the population is currently relying on Lukosi, St. Patricks and Hwange Colliery hospitals while the communities on the northern side of the district rely on Victoria Falls Hospital.