The Zimbabwean delegation attending the Safari Club Hunters Convention in Las Vegas, United States has expressed optimism that its negotiations with the American government will culminate in a positive development for the hunting sector.

The negotiations are centred around the country’s wildlife conservation, hunting industry and trade in ivory products among other issues.

The delegation has had more than two meetings with the United States government since the Hunters Convention kicked off on Friday, and there are indications that some errors made by the host government in terms of the Zimbabwean position on wildlife conservation will be rectified.

Safari Operators Association of Zimbabwe president Mr Emmanuel Fundira said various specialist groups on wildlife conservation are now convinced that Zimbabwe has done its part in putting together a document that explains the hunting and conservation methods used in the country.

“There are indications that the turnaround period for this process which ordinarily would have taken a period of nine months can be achieved within a period of 60 days. This is encouraging in the sense that the facts which have been put across, the lobbying process which is currently taking place has sufficiently convinced our colleagues in the US fish and wildlife services,” he said.

The Safari Club International Hunters Convention is one of the platforms the country is using to promote tourist arrivals for both photographic and hunting safaris.

Currently United States accounts for nearly 70 percent of Zimbabwe’s hunting market.