viktor oban.jpgHungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban has lashed out at the European Union accusing the European bureaucrats of treating his country as a colony.

Mr Orban said Hungarians will not live as foreigners dictate,  and will not give up their independence or their freedom, therefore they will not give up their constitution either.

The premier said this during a speech to thousands of people who gathered in Budapest’s Kossuth square to mark the anniversary of the country’s 1848 revolution against Habsburg rule.

He said freedom means that they have to decide about the laws governing their own lives, and will not allow EU to treat Hungarians as second class European citizens.

Mr Orban vowed that Hungary will not be a colony again.

The dispute has escalated tensions between Budapest and and the EU as Hungary is negotiating fresh financial aid from the 27-nation bloc and the international monetary fund.