The national commemorations of the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons will be held in Beitbridge this Saturday.

This comes as the country is grappling with trafficking in persons at different levels.

The day will be held in Beitbridge for the sole reason that along the border, there are many porous points used by traffickers.

“There are many porous points along the border and that is the main reason why Beitbridge has been chosen to host these commemorations,” said Dr Anywhere Mutambudzi, Beitbridge District Administrator, Mrs Kiliboni Ndou said the day is important as the place is a strategic gateway for many traffickers and their victims.

“The victims are taken through here to different parts where they are exploited. As a district, we feel honoured to hold these commemorations which are important as many of these acts take place through Beitbridge,” she said.

Vice President Kembo Mohadi will officially lead the commemorations at Dhulivhadzimu stadium.

Trafficking in persons is a scourge across the globe.

Figures have shown that as economic, social and political disturbances continue increasing, human traffickers whose main intention is to exploit their victims become busy across the whole world.