human rights logo.jpgHuman Rights watchdogs have been criticised for their double dealing standards following their silence on Israel’s indiscriminate massacres of Palestinian people.
Addressing Muslims and dignitaries in Harare at a seminar on Quds and the awakening of the Islamic Ummah, Harare Provincial Administrator, Mr. Alfred Tome said the economic blockades maintained on the Gaza strip are inhuman but surprisingly human rights activists are silent.

The Governor of Mashonaland Central Province, Advocate Martin Dinha also presented his solidarity message to the Muslim community.

Head of cultural centre of the Embassy of the Republic of Iran, Mr. Mohammed Asadi said the Islam community is under siege as a result of its vast resources such as oil and should fight with one voice against imperialism.

Quds day is the last day of the month of Ramadan observed throughout the Muslim community.

It was declared by the founder of the Islamic revolution of Iran Imam Khomeini in 1980 to remind the Muslim community of the enemy of humanity after western backed Israel continued its attack on Lebanon and Palestine.

The day has been described as a day to think of all the oppressed people of the world who are being exploited.