human rights forecast.jpgThe Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs, Mr David Mangota says Zimbabwe is on track to meet the United Nations Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) mechanism that is due in October this year.

The announcement that Zimbabwe is observing UN set standards for human rights by the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs fly in the face of unsubstantiated allegations by Britain and her western allies, who have been peddling false claims of human rights abuses as a scapegoat to attack the country’s sovereignty.

Mr Mangota took a swipe at the country’s detractors, who have been fabricating claims of human rights abuses in Zimbabwe, which were used to impose illegal sanctions on the country.

“This report will prove the country’s detractors wrong. It will prove our commitment to meeting UN resolution 60/251, which was passed in March 2006,” he said.

Mr Mangota also urged stakeholders to submit their reports to the secretariat for compilation ahead of the validation workshop to be held next month.

“Stakeholders are requested and encouraged to furnish their comments to the committee’s secretariat upon or before the date which was stipulated,” Mr Mangota he said.

The Universal Periodic Review is a United Nations General Assembly resolution of 2006, which seeks to review human rights records of all the 192 UN member states once every four years.

Member states are encouraged to prepare reports on measures taken to protect and promote human rights within their countries.

The reports will be tabled before the UN Human Rights Council.

The writing of Zimbabwe’s report under the UPR mechanism was launched by the Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs, Cde Patrick Chinamasa in February this year.