accident kombi 07-08-11.jpgMore than 22 people have lost their lives in road accidents countrywide since the 4th of this month with police attributing human error as the major reason for the carnage.

Police Superintendent Andrew Phiri said a total of 279 accidents were recorded, of which 16 were fatal, injuring more than 250 people.

He said with 12 people having lost their lives by yesterday, the figure almost doubled as 10 people died overnight.

Superintendent Phiri also said the majority of accidents are caused by over-speeding and failure by motorists to give way.

He said 756 defective vehicles were impounded and 25000 tickets issued while motorists were fined over US$450 000 for various traffic offences.

The loss of 22 lives this holiday comes after another 37 people died just before the holidays in two separate accidents in Nyazura and Mvurwi.

Police have urged the public to exercise caution as they return from holiday so as to reduce accidents on the country’s roads.